My name is Anya

Anya Camau
Anya Camau, Fashion Designer and blog writer

Hello, my name is Anya,

I’m a passionate and extensively experienced FASHION DESIGNER & PATTERN DRAFTER. I’ve been studying fashion design & pattern drafting in the remote 1980s in ESMOD, Paris, France. Then, I’ve been working in 3 different countries in all Fashion Industry departments: ready-to-wear, bespoke couture evening dresses and wedding dresses, pattern making industry services, computerised pattern services and even interior decoration for luxury boutique hotels.

Now I’m in my 50s, settled in London and I still enjoy this job that much! I’m working at my own pace, in an amazing city, with my wonderful family, what else?

And that’s just incredible! I’ve been hunted by investors on Instagram (thank you Instagram). I’m currently creating a full fashion design course for them that they will sell online at an affordable price. A very nice opportunity for me to help all who always dreamed of fashion design but never could attend and afford a fashion design school which are very expensive (I know that from my own experience).

Where am I from?

After I was graduated at ESMOD, Paris, France, I’ve been working for 10 years in  the “sentier”, the heart and historical place of fashion industry in Paris. There you learn to work fast and well but competition is very hard and money very few.

After several years, I created a brand with another fashion designer. It was really cool. We were producing bespoke evening dresses and wedding dresses. We had tons of friends in the same lifestyle but AIDS threat arrived and I sadly saw them passing. I’m afraid there’s no-one left of this happy period.

I was wondering how I could go on on my own, because it was a tough job, when I met the love of my life and left Paris to follow him. In late 1980s, leaving Paris meant leaving fashion… but I’m still living a strong story with him thus I don’t regret nothing. Could you imagine that! You could find no internet, no smartphone, no SMS or WhatsApp. It sounds just like a pre-historic period…

I learned other skills, managed several companies, and kept on with design through interior decoration for several luxury boutique hotel and private estates. We also moved to Sardinia, a paradise island west of Italy where I worked for other hotels and prestigious villas. We built our own villa on top of a wild hill, a kind of retreat.

But 2008-2009 worldwide crisis stroke very hard on Italy so we finally decided to change country but we kept our paradise villa.

That’s why we settled in London some years ago, we found 2 jobs to own our living and I opened there my new fashion designer’s workshop. London is an amazing city with huge energy, where you feel any project can lead you to success. Every one is so cool!

Now it comes that it’s time to share my skills and experience and I’m so happy and proud to do it! Let’s speak about this new challenge in my life:

I’ve been working hard several months to create this FULL FASHION DESIGN COURSE, I wanted this course to be:

  • Easy to understand with lots of pictures, videos, PowerPoints, webinars
  • Accessible to everyone willing to learn and provide lots of personal work (and there will be, trust me)
  • An immediate immersion in fashion design life. You begin to create from the very 1st moment and until the very last moment you attend to this course.
  • Personalised: you draw YOUR OWN collection,  create YOUR OWN garments, built YOUR OWN garment from the very 1st lesson then you create YOUR OWN book
  • Connected with lots of help either through emails, through a forum, through special support sessions …
  • Short enough to get you working as a fashion designer very soon, my FULL  FASHION DESIGN COURSE lasts only 9 months. But you can do it at your own pace if you don’t have enough free time to keep the rythme, no hassle!
  • Sticking to reality, that often traditional schools don’t do. I also go deep to help you build your Fashion Designer identity, act on social medias and chose your fashion department and sales vectors.
  •  Offer an extremely high value content however this course is sold at a very affordable price because it’s online.

And what?

You will soon be able to create an income, make it grow and swap for a happy fashion designer’s life, just like mine! That’s why I’m so excited about this course, I can’t stand to receive your happy feedback.

Here I am, happy to be here, happy that I changed my life another time (but always with my one and only love), happy that everything is going so well. This is an opportunity for me to do something to help other people who are still struggling to reach their dream life. If your dream life is to become fashion designer, read this page and enrol for this course on S4FD, you won’t regret it!

Just register your mail address on this blog or on S4FD blog to be informed about launch date of next course of FULL FASHION DESIGN COURSE and don’t delay because each course accepts only a limited number of artists and there’s only 2 or 3 launches each YEAR!


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